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Friday, September 25 2020

Happy Friday Carmel! Let’s rewind to last night’s Chambers’ forum. I suppose that it is easy to spend residents money,  to not be concerned with the accountability, and the fiduciary responsibility that people have given our elected officials at the City Council. Let’s trim the FAT now! If the City budget is down by 25% due to the Covid-19 then let’s cut the pork belly by that much across the board. Aren’t we all in this together? Last night Councilman Richards, suggested raising homeowner’s taxes and the property transfer taxes. Aren’t we taxed to death already? We pay property taxes, sales taxes, Measure D taxes and then another tax? I guess we have all heard this before; another tax for “schools and children” right? Folks, do not fall for this. This is an example of the ultimate lack of foresight, and the inability to manage your money at the City Council level. Preceding what I said last night, the City Council  should spend your money as if it is their own. We must be fiscally conservative and responsible, especially through the economic turmoil Carmel is seeing today.

No MO’ taxes. Vote Mo November 3rd.


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